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 Beginner´s Guide

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PostSubject: Beginner´s Guide   Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:40 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Welcome to Legendary Pirates Online - The undiscovered land !
Special thanks to Amu and Saeed who supported me so much regarding any kind of scripting stuff

Legendary Pirates will take you into a new world filled up with new monsters and adventures!

All server-rates including pet will be low, which means you will have to level up like in the good old times of TOP1. Increasing your level will grant you access to new things like maps, npcs, items and pets. Don´t miss the newbie quests which will raise your level to 5 and grant you some useful items.

The exp-bonus of Story Quests has been increased. Each Quest will reward you with some additional money, lifeskill points and a different amount of "history badges". Players can visit the History Shop and exchange them for some items of their choice. To guarantee a good player-economy there won´t be many items available for money at shops. The only exception will be official apparels. For any kind of custom apparels you will have to work.

All items on npcs will be sold at prizes which suit your level and income. (You won´t need to be a billionaire to buy the stuff you need!) Compared to most other servers this server doesn´t offer any rewards for just staying afk. Of course fairy coins, elven signets and royal signets will still be part of the game, but in a usual way means you can spend them at fairy and black-market merchant, at gift-giver for fairy chests and playing lucky chance. A few mall-items will be sold by npcs, but most of them have to be obtained by exchanging monster-drops, using lifeskill system or bossing.

Death-penalty will be active - so take care of your life!

Important: If you prefer fast/instant leveling, items and gems on npcs, afking for money etc. please don´t join this server!

Available Maps

Ascaron will remain as the only official main-map - just to make start up easier.  Regarding story quest some monsters of Magical Ocean and Deep Blue just have been transfered to new maps. Nethertheless Cupid, Chill, and Fortune also will be available for leveling. FC, DS and DW and some few more maps from official will also remain since they are too classical to be removed. All others including some new cities will be custom maps.

Argent - The start

Start your journey as usual ...

You won´t have any pet at the start. Don´t worry too much now - just hurry and level up to 10 - then visit Triss for your first class advancement. Finishing the advancement she will donate a "Welcome Gift Box" which contains some useful items including a fairy box. Joshua the pet-npc which will be accessable at lv12+ sells normal pet-fruits and novice pet-skills. Also he is in charge for the Fairy Ration-Service. To avoid massive afk pet-leveling auto-rations got removed from gameplay. Great pet-fruits will be dropped by monsters at low rate. Super pet-fruits (+3) can only be obtained by cooking. Normal marriage items are dropped in FC and DS as usual. Marriage fruits will be dropped in a new map. Rusty Coins which are needed for second class advancement can be obtained from the monsters in Abadoned Mine and Silver Mine.

To get decent money you will need to collect normal mob-drops and sell them to npc or players depending if the item has some special worth. Furthermore you will gain a small amount of money for each monster-kill depending on the monster´s level. The amount of money gained will increase each 10 monster-levels, which means that for example killing a monster lv 1-10 you will obtain 25g, while killing a monsters lv 11-20 you will obtain 50g.

Some additional money can be gained by assisting Argent´s Bounty Hunter. Depending on your level there will be different non-repeatable quests available.

Equip, Skills & Apparels

If you are looking for normal equip, weapons and skill-books just visit your class-npc in Argent City.

Swordsman, Crusader and Champion: Tailor Peter
Explorer and Voyager: Tailor Little Daniel
Hunter and Sharpshooter: Tailor Bebe
Herbalist, Cleric and Sealmaster: Tailor Granny Nila

Lifeskill tools and novice lifeskills are sold by Jimberry at Argent Market. He also can repair damaged tools. For advanced lifskills you have to visit Griffin´s Inn and talk to Flint-The Swashbuckler.  

Skeletar chest are simply sold at npc in Argent-City. Regarding Incantation, Evanescene and Enigma Chests there will be 2 ways to obtain them, either get them from mazes as usual or exchange them for maze-runes at Jr. Assistant Eric in Argent-City.

Unseal equip can only be obtained by bossing or from the Black Market (till lv65)!

Just like in official Top normal rings and necklaces can be bought from Pucan in Argent-City or Wetigo in Thundoria Castle depending on level. Unique ring- and necklaces can be obtained in different ways.

Like already mentioned above official apparels will be sold at moderate prices at npcs in Argent-City. Regarding custom apparels there will be different ways to obtain them which you will have to discover on your journeys to other cities and places.

Regarding important npcs at Argent just visit City-Guide Aaron! He can teleport you to all important spots.


To make it a bit fairer to newcomers Chaos will be splitted in Chaos Junior (Max-Level for entering 65) and Chaos Senior (65+). Both will open at the same time! Parties arn´t allowed neither in Chaos Junior nor in Chaos Senior. Relogging will be punished with time-penalty!


At least for 1-2 months there won´t be an item-mall. If people like the server it will be necessary to implent a mall to finance hosting fees etc.. In any case Mall won´t contain any gems, equips, lifeskill-items etc. instead only things like decoration (apparels, hair-colorants etc.), exp & luck boosts, tickets, fairy-rations etc. will be available. Any Mall-Item also can obtained ingame with some work, so non-mallers will have the same chance than mallers.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

No Mall - No Donations - Enjoy playing just for fun!
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Beginner´s Guide
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