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 Argent City - NPC & Portal-Locations

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PostSubject: Argent City - NPC & Portal-Locations   Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:36 pm

Argent City  

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]


NPC-Name: Blacksmith Goldie
Location:   2193,2706
Function: Repair, Socket milling, Forge, Apparel Fusion and Upgrade

NPC-Name: Tailor Peter
Location: 2192,2767
Function: Weapons, Armors and Skill-books for Swordman, Crusader and Champion

NPC-Name: Tailor Little Daniel
Location: 2193,2730
Function: Weapons, Armors and Skill-books for Explorer and Voyager

NPC-Name: Tailor Bebe
Location: 2265,2704
Function: Weapons, Armors and Skill-books for Herbalist, Sealmaster and Cleric

NPC-Name: Tailor Granny Nila
Location: 2267,2704
Function: Weapons, Armors and Skill-books for Herbalist, Sealmaster and Cleric

NPC-Name: Forbei
Location: 2267,2704
Function: combing, sells gem composition scrolls

NPC-Name: Ship-Builder Askjell
Location: 2255,2801
Function: builds up all types and levels (15-45) of ships, upgrades ships

NPC-Name: Teleporter Sarah
Location: 2187,2776
Function: teleports to Thundoria Castle, Tortuga City, New Providence and Port Royale

NPC-Name: Popeye-Big'N'Tall
Location: 2296,2782
Function: official Carise apparels

NPC-Name: Vespire-Menswear
Location: 2302,2701
Function: official Lance apparels

NPC-Name: Laurelei-Ladieswear
Location: 2279,2757
Function: official Phyllis apparels

NPC-Name: Cutie-Kidswear
Location: 2280,2728
Function: official Ami apparels

NPC-Name: Weaponry & Wing-Service
Location: 2307,2759
Function: official Weapon apparels, normal wings, apparel fusion- and upgrade-service

NPC-Name: Hairstylist Cartel
Location: 2215,2813
Function: Shop, Hairstyling and Color-Production

NPC-Name: EXP-Manager
Location: 2191,2774
Function: Activate/Deactivate Exp

NPC-Name: Mall-Exchanger Angelo
Location: 2205,2773
Function: Basic-Shop (defense caps, ancient generator, reallity mask, party-exp fruit, vodoo puppet), Exchange (inventory-slots etc.), provides information about the Emerald Necklace

NPC-Name: Accessory Pucan
Location: 2249,2789
Function: Normal rings and necklaces lv15-55

NPC-Name: Accessory Wetigo (Thundoria Castle)
Location: 730,1566
Function: Normal rings lv 60-90 and necklaces lv60

NPC-Name: Jr. Assistant Eric
Location: 2257,2757
Function: exchanges maze runes for incantation, evanescene and enigma chests

NPC-Name: Finley
Location: 2236,2706
Function: sells Skeletar Chests

NPC-Name: Divinity-Transport Agency
Location: 2205,2794
Function: Ticket-Shop

NPC-Name: Triss - Class Changer
Location: 2222,2768
Function: Class advancement

NPC-Name: City Guide - Aaron
Location: 2235,2783
Function: Town-Teleporter, Newbie Quest, Story-Quest

NPC-Name: Mayor - Braxton
Location: 2219,2749
Function: highest authority in Argent City, first Story-Quest npc

NPC-Name: Joshua - Pet Shop
Location: 2212,2781
Function: Shop (normal pet-fruits, novice Pet-Skills), Ration-Service, Ration-Exchange

NPC-Name: Skill Trader - Jimberry
Location: 2232,2729
Function: Lifeskill-tools, Lifeskill-books and Tool-repair

NPC-Name: Brian - The Bounty Hunter
Location: 2265,2758
Function: assist him to earn some additional money

NPC-Name: Lillian - History Shop
Location: 2233,2802
Function: exchanges history badges for items

NPC-Name: Coral Vendor Lamon
Location: 2283,2853
Function: Coral Shop and Coral Replenishment

NPC-Name: Navy Recruitment-Wilbert
Location: 2204,2802
Function: Recommandation letter

NPC-Name: Obscure Harbor Operator
Location: 2214,2844
Function: salvages sunken ships and ships docked at mystery harbor

Normal npcs like Banker, Nurse, Ditto etc. on their usual spots.



Portal: Forsaken City
Location: Ascaron Sea, 2524,2917
Level Requirement:30-45

Portal: Dark Swamp
Location: Ascaron Sea, 2230,2410
Level Requirement:40-55

Portal: Demonic World
Location: near Thundoria Harbor/City, 913,1070
Level Requirement: 55-75

Portal: Chaos Junior
Location: Argent City, 2239,2809
Level Requirement:30-60

Portal: Songkhla
Location: Ascaron Sea, 941,2395
Level Requirement: none
Other Requirement: Time-Machine
Opening-Time: always



Abandoned Mine, Rockery Haven, Andes Forest, Vallhalla, Solace and Chaldea-Teleporters can also teleport back to Argent now.City.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

No Mall - No Donations - Enjoy playing just for fun!
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Argent City - NPC & Portal-Locations
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