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 NPC Listing

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PostSubject: NPC Listing   Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:27 pm

Additional/Amended NPCs added to Game:

As for the time being, we only have limited maps running, We have moved some of the NPCs and NPC functions from other areas like Shaitan/Icicle/Spring etc and put them in Ascaron Map.

The main changes are:


The Argent Blacksmith can noe forge gem, create sockets, upgrade equipment (from spring furnace) and repair lifeskill tools. The Blacksmith's apprentice sells items for forging and can combine gems and extract gems.

Basic normal-type equipment for all classes can be bought from Argent NPCs. SS is at the young tailor, Cleric/SM at the old tailor, Voy is at Daniel and Cruz/Champ is at Peter.


At the clothing department you can buy apparels for all characters. I think the NPC titles is self explanitory. THe Fox Spirit is in charge of Apparel Fusion and Apparel Upgrade. Items can be bought from her too.


Here you can buy weapon apparels (either sharp or blunt), wings and hats.


The Chapel of Lurve is for breeding pets. You can buy all the fruits and drops needed for marriage. The Nutritionaist sells pets (1st gen only), Books/Skills and Leveling fruits and rations.

Item Mall

Yeah, a tad random. I kicked out Papa. He can be found. Still doesn't do much .. yet

Red M&M = Exp and drop fruits
Orange M&M = Voodoos and Clovers
Yellow M&M = Elixirs, Potions, Lanterns etc
Green M&M = Stat Resets, Gold Gear, Inventory
Blue M&M = Basic Land Manufacturing
Purple M&M = Normal Food recovery (Cakes, Agryptonics)
Zen Cafe = Cooked boosters and wines

Class Changer

Close to the Teleporter. This fella can change your class without having to do the quests and stuff


Near the Class Changer. Tickets can be bought here. Only ones that spawn in ascaron or open maps should be used.

Coral Seller

Near the docks, sells all corals including Unique Corals

Hair Items

Next to the hairstylist. Sells all items needed

Information Booth

Senna has a BF .. or a stalker. This guy can tell you some of the changes. Talk to him.

Lost and Found

This will become an Item Redemption booth. One day ...


I moved all the machines next to the one in THundoria. THe Wood and Ore redeemers are there too. The New Npcs sell vouchers and statues, so you don't have to farm mini bosses, CA or do class quests if you want to play around with lifeskills

Back Alley

Black Market is here, Lottery machine is here. Other dude sells Lots. Still under progress

Silver Coin Exchanger

30 Silver Coins (drop from mine mobs) are 400k
20 Gold Coins (drop from lv 60+ mobs) are 500k
12 Platinum Coins (drop from lv 75+ mobs) are 700k
You can also exchange 5 x Scroll in bottle (lv 65 max) + 20k Gold for a Captain's keepsake map (lv 60+ usage)
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NPC Listing
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