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 First Rebirth

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PostSubject: First Rebirth   Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:17 pm



2000 Reputation Points
Level 80 or higher

Where to Start

You need to use the Boss Challenger to teleport you to [Forgotten Worlds].
From here you need to try and enter the portal in the middle, the mobs here will try and stun/freeze you so be careful.

One you are through - talk to the Phoenix Rebirth NPC and take the quest "Phoenix Rebirth".

Part One - Barbarosa's problems

Now you have taken the quest "Phoenix Rebirth" - proceed to Lone Tower Level 1 and find Barbarosa.
He will ask you some questions - there are many ways to answer but this is the quickest:

Answer 1: Herhar
Answer 2: Chicken Soup with Corn
Answer 3: Brothers
Answer 4: Gomu Gomu
Answer 6: Before he Fell in love with Tin
Answer 7: Fierce Tom-Boy
Answer 8: Inverse Proportional to the amount of people who care
Answer 9: Pokemon
Answer 10: want

There done!

Pirate Mutiny

Kill 10 of each type of pirate:
Cannonball Pirate
Row-boat Pirate
Cutless Eyepatch Pirate

These pirates can be found at Pirate Cove - use the Boss Challenger NPC in Argent to teleport you there.
Afterwards - go back to Barbarosa in Lone Tower.

Getting back the Black Jewel

Barbarosa will now give you part of the quest to retrieve his ship. Go to Maritime Assistant in Argent (near Island Teleporter).
She will tell you to visit the Professor at the Maritime Laboratory. You can teleport there by Argent Teleporter.

Once you have talked to the Professor you will see he wants you to hunt down the Black Jewel as it is destroying the ecology.
Note: You may want to try get the Lv65 Ship by doing the Genesis Quest first

Once you have killed the Black Jewel, talk to the Professor who will tell you to inform Barbarosa

When you go to tell Barbarosa, he is very angry and doesn't give you a new quest. BUT he does tell you to go visit Little Cuwen.

Part Two - The Emperor Herhar

Ruthless Emperor

Find Little Cuwen who is found north-west [1635,2607] of the Abandoned Mines and he will tell you to find his father.

Old Cuwen is found at Solace Haven - but he doesn't trust you so he gives you a test. If you pass, he will tell you to talk to the Solace Grocer - Gregg.

Gregg will tell you that the Ruthless Herhar was still alive, and he protected the portals with a Legendary Wolf creature known as a Protector of the Forest at Sanctuary Maze.
You must find and Destroy it. The Maze portal is near [360,2380]

Scarred Warrior

After you have killed it, come back to Gregg - he sees you are strong enough to continue. He asks you to visit Guild Master - Iniests at Thundoria Castle.

Guild Master Iniesta has some trouble - possibly he is elated due to his magnificent finishing at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
To help him, you need some Leather Gloves from the Castleguard Peter at Argent City.

When you have the Leather Gloves, slap him out of it! Iniesta will wake up and help you.

Death of the Emperor Herhar

Iniesta will tell you to go back to Paradise Isles (remember Forgotten Worlds) and Kill Herhar.

He will be at one of the last portals, be careful - he is very fast and very strong!

Once Herhar is defeated go back to Iniesta! Due to his excitement he forgets to give you the next quest! BUT he mentions to go see Lizardwarrior Murray - who is near the old Lone Tower Entrance.

Part Three - Murray's Annoying Escapades

Murray and shrubs

Murray has something against shrubs, maybe because they kicked his ass - we don't know.
He wants you to kill 99 x Shrubs!

After this go back to Murray and he will direct you to yet another shrub! The Class-Change M&M at Argent City.

Ice cream challenge!

Now the Mystic Shrub is asking for Ice Cream...weird - but get him 1 x Ice Cream

After you give him the Ice Cream - he tells you to visit Ol' Bojangles NPC at [1985,3232] at sea...so get your boats!

Ol' Bojangles is kind of crazy - he doesn't like Icy Dragons so he wants you to beat up 10 x Baby Icy Dragons found near North Thundoria.

Once you have killed them talk to Ol' Bojangles some more - you will see he needs a drink.

Part Four - Yo ho ho and a Bottle of Rum

Bar Maid Donna

Ol' Bojangles asks for some Coconut Wine from Bar Maid Donna - but HE owes her 15mill, and he clearly doesn't have any money.
Pay her 15million to get the Coconut Wine and take it back to Ol' Bojangles.

Final Request

After giving the Coconut Wine to Ol' Bojangles - the drunkard tells you to go to the Rainbow Class Change M&M again. Rememeber - you need at least 6 slots free here. (If you don't - you can go back to Lost & Found to get missing runes after you complete the Quest).

Now complete it and go back to the Rebirth Goddess in Paradise Isles and Rebirth!

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First Rebirth
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