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 3rd generation Pets

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PostSubject: 3rd generation Pets   Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:13 pm

3rd Generation Fairy Marriage

Basic Requirements:

2 x lv 48+ 2nd generation pets
1 x Demonic Fruit of Mystery
25 x BBQ Meat of Pirate
25 x Beer of Pirate

3rd Gen fairies and stats:

Fairy of Rigidity

12% Defence Bonus
12% Max HP Bonus
12% Max SP Bonus
+25 Dodge
+55 Defence
+10 HP Recovery Rate
+10 SP Recovery Rate
+10 movement speed bonus
+3 Physical Resist bonus

Fairy of Prosperity

+7% SPR
+7% Min/Max Attack
+40 Luck
+30 Experience Rate
+3 HP Recovery Rate
+3 SP Recovery Rate
+60 Movement speed bonus

Fairy of Piercing

+9% Attackspeed
+10% Min/Max Attack
+20 Defence bonus
+30 Dodge bonus
+20 Berserk Rate bonus
+3 HP Recovery Rate
+3 SP Recovery Rate
+10 Movement speed bonus
+1 Physical Resist bonus

Lightning Fairy

+14% Spirit Bonus
+15 Defence Bonus
+150 Max HP Bonus
+150 Max SP Bonus
+6 HP Recovery Rate
+6 SP Recovery Rate
+50 Movement speed bonus
+1 Physical Resist Bonus

How to get which Fairy?

Fairy of Rigidity: 1 x 2nd Generation Fairy of Constitution, or 1 x 2nd Generation Fairy of Agility and any other 2nd Generation Fairy.

Fairy of Prosperity: 2 x Mordo Jrs, or 1 x Mordo and 1 x Fairy of Luck/Fairy of Evil, or 2 x Fairy of Luck/Fairy of Evil, or 1 x Fairy of Luck and 1 x Fairy of Evil.

Fairy of Piercing: 1 x Fairy of Strength/1x Fairy of Accuracy/1x Mordo Junior and 1 x Fairy of Strength/1x Fairy of Accuracy/1x Mordo Junior - in any combination apart from 2 x Mordo Jr (which breeds Fairy of Prosperity)

Fairy of Lightning: 1 x Mordo Jr and 1 x Fairy of Spirit, or 2 x Fairy of Spirit.

Any other Bonus Effects?

Yes, this is the major benefit of Soul and 3rd Generation pets:

Using Fairy Body Possession will add whatever stats you have added using pet fruits - just like a Mordo Junior except....Mordo Junior simply doubles the stats, 3rd Generation Pets add the equal level of the pet.

For example:
1 con 20 str Mordo Junior pet - lv 21. Upon possession, total stats: 2 con 40str.

1 con 20 str Fairy of Piercing - lv 21. Upon possession total stats: 22 con 41str.

What about Possession?

Expert possession now has a shorter cooldown and shorter opration time than Standard and Novice (Standard is shorter than novice as well). The reason for this is that it gives you opportunities to change possession from one type to the next easier.

Demonic Fruit of Mystery will be added to Lone Tower Bosses, Phoenix, Phoenix Dragon, Black Dragon, Kara as well as the newly quest to obtain it (yes it's hard).

-Have fun Very Happy
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3rd generation Pets
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