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 PK-Maps - Info

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PostSubject: PK-Maps - Info   Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:10 pm

Demonic World

The entrance to Demonic World is the same as usual, 910, 1069, use a ticket would work as well.

Good old Demonic World is still present, this time beefed up. The first floor is the same however as mentioned by Nightingale and Chocolate the runestones have been changed. The classics are there however, a third floor of Demonic World has been implemented. The way around this floor is the same as the second floor, however there are different mobs and crusaders will struggle to chest alone as well.

Demonic World 1

The first floor's boss drops level 55 unseals, Blade of Incantation for instance. They have been modified to level 55s. The original level 55 unseals have now been modified to be level 75 unseals, which modified stats and new names, for instance Dance of Eternity. Boss 1, now named Daisy, is located at the middle of the map as well. Daisy has the usual drops plus chances of getting unique gems. The chests drop Eh? Runestones (they are located at the same locations: 12, 3, 6 and 9 and mid, or North, West, South, East and the center). The mobs drop the other runes for unsealing equipment.

Demonic World 2

The second floor of Demonic World is the same, the portals are at 12, 3, 6, 9 to inner Demonic World 2. Once in the inner Demonic World 2, the same portals are at 1, 5, 7 and 11 to the boss room. Shrek, the new name for boss 2 is the same, he drops unique gems, refining gems and Chest of Demonic World, which gets you level 65 unseals. The chests are at the same places as well, 1, 5, 7, 11 and mid.

Demonic World 3

Demonic World 3, a new place to explore, the chests dropped here are level 70 class chests. These class chests when opened give equipment for level 70s, and chances are you can get +10 stat gear, and perhaps cardic as well. The demonic world 3 boss is new, I have no idea how you can boss for this but try adopt the old methods for Boss 1 and Boss 2. There are two of them. The chests are in the same location as Demonic World 2. The blue boss will drop the chest for level 75 whereas the red boss will drop a hairclip to exchange for apparel and it also drops runes.

Isles of Paradise

Use the the Teleporter at Argent NPC, destination: Forgotten World.

Entering the Isles of Paradise

Heaven! We all love heaven! Many people find this task quite difficult because the mobs guarding the entrance to the Isles of Paradise move faster than a Sharpshooter, stun like a crusader and instantly annihilate you upon hitting once. The secret of getting in is to use many characters. Using Clerics, Crusaders and Voyagers is the best method. Using skills that have low cooldown time and 100% hit will allow you to get in. First target the north mob, kill it in 3 seconds is recommended. Next is the east and west mob, annihilate one at a time in 3 seconds. Finally the south mob, murder it in 3 seconds as well. Specifically be careful, these mobs run wildly at times (I got into Isles of Paradise after 10 tries using my cleric because of lag, and my former cleric had a 6k bolt on intense, and possession). Practice will help significantly here and you have a time limit as well because these mobs spawn very fast. Killing all the mobs in 12 seconds should give you enough time to get everyone in rapidly. Rush for the portal, try not to misclick and waste time. Do not worry about the mob's vision range, it won't go and attack you if you illusion slash while it is standing still. It's vision is lower than every skill in a character's arsenal.

Floor 1

Upon entering Heaven, you will see the lovely Goddess. WARNING: This is a PK zone. You can accept the rebirth quest if you have 10k reputation points (hah hah, yeah 10k reputation points, considering how I power leveled from 1-79 in 2 days it shouldn't be a problem plus I stopped at 79 for Phoenix mini, I could have went further and hit in the high 80s but I didn't want to).

Floor 2

A portal should be nearby in floor 1, this will lead to the next floor where the Drunk Ass Pirate resides. The bosses in heaven drop level 70 stones and it is recommended that your party consists of a minimum of 1 tank, 2 clerics, 1 sealer, 1 stunner, 1 damage dealer if you're high level. For low levels, it is recommended you bring in 2 clerics, 2 sealers, 2 stunners and a tank. Anyway, Drunk Ass Pirate has some insane melee damage and has healing spring plus he can also use some sealing skills I think. To kill this boss efficiently, run towards corner 5, this is the safe spot. This boss has really lame movement speed so you can use this to your advantage to lure. Step slightly up from corner 5 and when you see the boss in your map range, he will automatically go after you. Seal it, stun it, melee it, be careful not to die, be patient and continue this process

Floor 3

The terrorist who struck terror into the hearts of... no one. It's Achmed the Dead Terrorist. In honor of Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist, Chocolate has implemented a boss and named it Achmed. Achmed can kill you. He will kill you and he will try to kill you with his explosive sharpshooter attacks. Achmed is the same pretty much but the safe corner is 7, he's a sharpshooter, so seal, stun, lure with tank and be careful because he hits very hard and never misses like the real Achmed who set the timer for 30 minutes but went off in 4 seconds. "I keel you!"

Floor 4

She's fast, she's hot, she's... insane. It's... SUPERWOMAN. She runs fast as a blue prius, she has the power of wind! People are stunned just looking at her beauty! Next is superwoman, now this will be very hard, enter first with a tank and stunner immediately Enter with a powerful champion first and straight away enter a crusader or sharpshooter to stun or seal it. The safe spot is 1, rush there immediately. Effectively have the tank stand a bit forward to lure boss, have a stunner prepared to STUN immediately upon seeing it running towards you. And of course seal it, bolt it, damage it and bring kryptonite if you can.

Floor 5

You have been rickrolled.

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Rick Astley is next, insane magic damage, insane HP, therefore adopt the stun system and seal system, where you all do it in a particular order. I forgot the safe spot but I think it's at 7. Adopt the same strategy as the previous bosses, be careful of his spiritual rickroll bolt, it packs a big rickroll for you.

Floor 6

Finally herhar! The legendary Seal master of Aegean sea! -sarcasm- Head to 5, the safe spot and adopt the same strategy as with the previous bosses. HerHar can seal you, bolt you, and runs like a midget who is against a lion.


As you know, these bosses drop unique items. These unique items create Hades Signets when exchanged at the Lone Tower NPCs. I'll provide more information about this as I explain the Lone Tower. The bosses also drop Artemis Crownstones (for Phyllis and Ami), also level 70 boss stones. There is also a very small chance of these bosses dropping black dragon gems, good luck.

Lone Tower

Portal to Lone Tower is at 875, 1210, teleport by a ticket.

With 6 floors in total, Lone Tower is a challenge for players who want something new, a spark of lightning. Lone Tower offers this. With the maximum level 120, after the fourth floor, there are mobs beyond level 100. The final floor is the Death Mobs floor. Clerics, Champions, Sharpshooters and Crusaders will hunt you down literally. Also this is a Player Kill Zone, feel free to slaughter anyone on sight, just do not complain when someone kills you when you're trying to level or farming.

Floor 1

The first floor of Lone Tower, upon entering you will find yourself many mobs this includes the dreaded Anubis. Good luck running away from it. The portal to the next floor is at 11 or North-West. These mobs here are level 78, 79 and 80. The experience points gained here is very nice.

- Mysterious Stone Mob: Stone of Oath, Beautiful Chest, Mystic Chest
- Relic Guard: Wyrm shield, Clarion Crystal (+100SP, can be forged into gloves)

Floor 2
Enter if you dare, you'll require some insane dodge for lone tower 2 which can be met but it's about 480. Tanking is also difficult, requiring 1.5k def and 30 PR (approximately). The mob levels range from 73-115, although there are only 2 of those mobs that are beyond level 100 which can be easily avoided. The portal to the next floor is located at 5 or South-East.

- Chests: Level 70 rings and movement necklaces
- Unique Gems (Gem of Rage, Gem of Colossus, Gem of the Wind, Gem of Soul, Gem of Striking)
- Platinum Coins
- Gold Coins
- Level 70 Equipment Stones
- Refining Gems
- Power of Wind and Flame

Floor 3

Lizards, Shamans and the Blur Beast will await for you at the entrance, they hit majorly hard and it required 1.8k def and 30 PR to tank them properly. Otherwise use constitution flasks. They give very nice experience points and there are chests lying around. The portal to next floor is located around 11, not exactly at 11.

- Chests: Level 90 rings and movement necklaces
- Unique Gems (Gem of Rage, Gem of Colossus, Gem of the Wind, Gem of Soul, Gem of Striking)
- Platinum Coins
- Gold Coins
- Level 70 Equipment Stones
- Refining Gems
- Power of Frost and Thunder

Floor 4

Crusaders will not be able to dodge here, champions will have a difficult time tanking as well. The portal to Phoenix Cavern is located here. The mobs are beyond level 100 and chests lie around. The portal to the next floor is around 9.

- Chests: Level 90 rings and movement necklaces
- Unique Gems (Gem of Rage, Gem of Colossus, Gem of the Wind, Gem of Soul, Gem of Striking)
- Platinum Coins
- Gold Coins
- Level 70 Equipment Stones
- Refining Gems

Floor 5

The blazing inferno floor, horses and golems will be after you and they are on fire. There are NPCs around corners which you can exchange your level 70 equipment stones for equip but the cost is six million gold. Good luck, there are chances that you can obtain cardic drakans or cardic boots of secrets.

- No idea, sorry, I have never tried to farm or level here before, it was too hard on full constitution mode.

Floor 6

The death mobs, you'll hunt you down, bolt you to death and tanking is almost impossible. There isn't much around here.

- Unique Gems (Gem of Rage, Gem of Colossus, Gem of the Wind, Gem of Soul, Gem of Striking)
- No idea, sorry, I have never tried to farm or level here before, it was too hard on full constitution mode.

Bosses and further information

special-equipment-guide-v-1-0-t20.html - Written by Chocolate.

Phoenix Mini

To enter Phoenix Mini, teleport via the NPC, Argent Teleporter

For people under level 79, the first floor does not offer anything decent however the second floor has Black Dragon Mobs that are modified. They drop unique gems and many other goods. Floor one has mobs that drop constitution flasks. There is a boss that lurks around which drops the new gems. The map is exactly like the original Silver Mine 2 and Abandon Mine 2.

Phoenix Cavern

Chaos Argent

Good old classics, Chaos Argent, fun, everything is the same but it is only for level 70s and below.

Chaos Garden - Now named "Pandemonium Warzone"

Portal Located at 2406, 2905, you will require a boat to enter and a Pandemonium Guide obtained at the Chaos Administrator located at Navy.

I have to say Chaos Garden (it is the guild war map) it gives a variety of space and "Chess" mobs, very original and I've never seen anyone implement this idea before. Ranges from the holy bishops, to the valiant knights of the round table, the barricading rook and the graceful queen. The glorious King is the last mob that spawns. You'll have difficulty murdering the King (unfortunately it isn't chess where the king is the weakest but most vital piece) since his Hp is quite insane. I'll give you a secret for Chaos Garden: Winning Chaos Garden gets you the Chaos Chest, HOWEVER. This isn't just any ordinary Chaos Chest, there is a 1% chance of opening something very "decent". Chaos Garden also spawns chests at locations and drop unique gems.

The Knights of the Round Table
The Knights of the Round Table will obliterate you in an instant if you charge in against 10 of them. Knights drop items and mystic clovers which can be traded to NPCs for very nice cash.

The Rooks of Justification
Rooks are those that guard the land of the King, beware, they shoot arrows at intruders who attempt to raid from sea or those already on land. Destroying the rooks will drop amplifers, boosters and other goodies.

The Bishops of Divine Justice
Holy men of the King, the rightful hand of God, they shall bestow divine judgment on those who attempt to claim the throne. There are only a few Bishops within the King's command. Foolish men with physical strength can not match the heavenly powers of the Bishop.

The Queens of Grace
Like Medieval history and previous Kings before this era, they were "players" meaning they enjoyed having more than 1 wife. However, this King isn't just any ordinary king, he has more than 50 wives in total! They are dangerous, armed and lethal, armed with the arts of magic and strength, these Queens will do what ever it takes to protect their King. Unlike Henry VIII, this King doesn't behead his wives.

The king
The King will show himself in the middle of the map, the final obstacle for the invading forces to slaughter. The King wasn't protect the kingdom, but protecting the sacred Chaos Treasure Chest, those who open this shall plague the world and drown it in darkness. Or better yet get Chaos Equipment.

You don't have to kill the King to get the Chaos Chest, you just need to be the last survivor but they drop many good items.

Superstar PK Arenas

Teleporter to Thundoria Castle and go to 704, 1516, use the NPC to teleport into either the Jr Arena or Snr Arena

ARE YOU READY FOR PLAYER KILLING? If you are, SuperStar PK Arena will definitely be fun, stand on the sides in the safe zone and watch the endless slaughter OR better yet join the slaughter by talking to the sexy NPC who shall teleport you randomly somewhere in there.


At the moment I have exams coming up, therefore I can't really make anything here.
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PK-Maps - Info
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