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 Icicle Town

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PostSubject: Icicle Town   Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:09 pm

Welcome to the newest leveling map, Icicle Town! Here you'll have lots of fun leveling, bossing, and dying! XD The maximum level for this new map is 75! Minimum level is currently not known (to me) but I recomend:

60-75 if in party
70-75 if solo

You rewards for pking someone are:
- 2 gold coins (exchange 20 for 500k)
- 20k gold

The spawn points for icicle town is random. Here are some areas you'll spawn in, from most dangerous to least dangerous:

(coords are 65, 69 & area) Many mobs here, all aggro
(coords are 143, 158 & area) Only one aggro mob, to the south of the npc
(coords are 111, 121 & area) A few mobs, none aggro unless attacked

If you spawn at 65, 69/area you can run south until you see the gate to icicle; enter and head to fountain. If you cannot tank the mobs til then, just keep re-entering until you get one of the safer spawns!

One of the safest spots to train is in the area with the Snow Misstresses before they do not aggro and give good exp - all the mobs do! But if you're up for more of a challenge, here's some realitively safe spots to kill:

coords are 221, 194 & area

coords are 76, 221 & area

There are many other spots to train at, but these are just a few! But of course Icicle Town does have one more treat in store for you.. A boss!


Located up at 160, 84 this boss isn't for the weak! She starts off where Mas in official top is located but with careful work you can trap her around the boxes and use long range attacks to kill her. Careful though, there's a sword at the top that will aggro you!

MOBS: names and level of them
To come

DROPS: (currently known) ~Most drops are from all the mobs, have yet to notice if some drop from certain mobs and not others
Fog of Conviction, Captains Keepsake Map, Constitutional Recovery Vial, Bull Potion, Refining Gem Voucher, Chest of Ascaron, Colossus Gem Voucher, Angelic Dice

BOSS DROPS: Only killed once, so these are the only ones I remember XD
Graduation chest, Eye of Black Dragon, Angelic Dice

Enjoy your time in Icicle Town! Very Happy
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Icicle Town
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