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 Lone Tower - the hidden side

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PostSubject: Lone Tower - the hidden side   Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:05 pm

First things first, this is a guide to the hidden side of Lone Tower.

Did you know that all of Lone Tower is connected?
Yup, by a huge black... area o.o

Did you know that there are bosses for Lone Tower?
Yup, Phil posted some piccies of them in this guide --> special-equipment-guide-v-1-0-t20.html

Did you know that these bosses drop interesting items?
Yup, Death Weapon, Black Dragon Gems, Melancholies for Death Equip, and... AND 3rd Gen Marriage Fruit Wink

Here is a short guide to this "Hidden Side of Lone Tower"

Well, first things first Wink

To get inside Lone Tower The Hidden Side, you need to collect some items from Demonic World. These items are:


You obtain the hairpin from Demonic World Boss 3.
x10 Heart of Sorrow are dropped by the blue snowdoll mob in Demonic World 1.
x10 Flawed Crystal are dropped by Demonic World 3 Emo Snails and Emo Shrubs.
x10 Shadowy Scale are dropped in Demonic World 3 by the Emo Flying Lil Thingies(not sure of their names).
x10 Revival Flower are bought in Argent from the Orange Shrub(I think) for 10k each.

Once you have collected these items head to Forgotten World, past the 4 Wolves guarding the portal and talk to Boris, as seen here:


You will obtain 6 Signets of Hades.

Head to LT1, and go towards the portal to LT2. Where you will come across this statue... which looks a lot like the BD statue o.o But it isn't for that so don't worry Wink You will come across some text to get into The hidden side of LT, as seen here:


At this point you will need the Signets of Hades in your inventory and the NPC will take one and teleport you inside the hidden side of LT.

When you get teleported into the Lone Tower bossing stage, it will be announced in system to everyone. You will have a random spawn on the first map, which is a PK zone, but has no mobs or bosses in it. Spawns occur at 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, and mid I believe... I haven't been in enough times to verify this 100%.

The first level only has a NPC and portal to the second level, which both are at 5 as seen here:


This will teleport you to a new level of LT Bosses. Spawn will be random once again, at 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12. There are no mobs on this level, or any other ones, but there is the first boss. The Great Bear King of no drops, lol. He is in the middle of the map, and if you stay to the outside of the map you will not draw agro. There is a portal to the next level located at 6, as seen here:


This will be your third floor of LT, and your second boss. Spawns will be random, the same as the last levels spawn point. The Snail General is the second boss, once again located in the middle. Skirting around the outside will prevent agro once again, and this level's portal is located at 7, as seen here:


Basically the same as the last two levels, same spawns points, same boss location. This level will provide you with the enjoyment of the Pumpkin King! Once you have vanquisher this foe the portal is located at 3, as seen here:


These last two bosses on the final two levels are much more difficult than the previous. Same spawns on this level and same location of the boss! Manbeast of 1 hit KO. He is quite a difficult foe, enjoy the hardship he brings Wink Also on this level the poral is located quite close to the middle, and the boss... as seen here:


The last level of LT bosses. Contains one of the hardest bosses in the game so far! Fire spirit! Same spawns on this level and same boss location. Good luck with this boss, there are no portal on this level. So here is a piccy of the boss Smile


Spawn time of the bosses is well over 12 hours, might even be 24 hours. Good luck finding out Smile Good luck and have fun!

Haven't really done any LT bossing lately, if anyone has doubts about the guide you can post a reply with your thoughts.

Updated, the spawn time might not be 12 hours anymore. Looking into it later.

Updated, changed the guide it is up to date as far as I know.

Updated, drops needed to obtain Signets of Hades have been changed. Good luck!
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Lone Tower - the hidden side
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